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S.XVIII; WEALTHY FAMILY WELL, MAN WOMAN AND TWO CHILDREN barons. A rainy night and tremendously DARK IN WHICH ALL THE MANSION SLEEP, a shadow is introduced into the mansion and after wandering for her, is the room of children. AFTER MUCH observe, gives a different power to both; WHOLESALE transforms him into werewolf, the younger brother transforms him into a vampire. Years pass and the two children enjoy their new qualities. Parents try to stand aside. But in the village, people comment VARIOUS MURDERS THAT AIM TO YOUR CHILDREN. A FULL MOON NIGHT, THE SHADOW BACK AND JUST LIVING WITH PARENTS, AND WHEN YOU HAVE TO FLEE older brother transformed into a wolf, gets caught red-handed in the room of their parents, and tries to stop, is at that moment LITTLE BROTHER GET WHEN sees his dead parents and his brother covered in blood. At that very moment, thinking that his brother has killed his parents, his hatred BEGINS. Unable to fight him because the moon is full, decides to escape and rebuild their lives unfriendly staff. His brother also does the same. Years will pass BOTH LEARNING TO IMPROVE THEIR SKILLS. Vempire BUT THAT IS THE NAME OF THE LITTLE BROTHER, Over the years, decides to end his life. Aware of the existence of a castle, which can remove the LIFE.
Knows the existence of a castle, which can take life the immortals. BUT HIS BROTHER WOLF will not let you. Vempire have the help and support of two vampires FRIENDS: ELSSA and Elissa. On the way they meet another friend; ICTIO MAN A FISH, to accompany him on his adventure. There is an agency against monsters that will handle FOLLOW YOUR BEST HUNTER; BLAKE. GET AFTER GETTING CASTILLO, Vempire decide what is best for his future.


WOLF IS Vempire older brother, also did the same as him. Only he was transformed into a werewolf. Hatred is mutual. But unlike his brother, LOBO ACCEPT THEIR POWERS AS A GIFT. YOUR TRIP TO UNDERTAKE Vempire suicidal, will follow and attempt to persuade it self-destructs. And join forces and form a SUPREME RACE TO END HUMAN.


Vempire: WAS A YOUNG FATAL centuries ago became a vampire. ALONG YOUR LIFE DID NOT MANY-harm and destruction. (But that's another story) tired of watching humans and feed on them, decides to end his NON-LIFE AND STOP BEING THE BEAST that once was. WILL HAVE TO GO TO THE CASTLE OF BLOOD Kartha, but this will not be as easy as you think, it does not know where it is. TRAVEL ALONG THE TRACKS FOUND his whereabouts. LOBO hates his brother for killing his parents.


NATHALIA: Little is known about his past. This being, is also immortal. LA Vempire known in one of their missions, in an ancient mausoleum. Vempire save her from her long imprisonment, following that meeting, there will love knots and join. Perhaps she who STAND ON YOUR DECISION OF AUTO destroyed.


ELSSA and Elissa: are two sisters who knew Vempire long ago. NOW are great friends. THEY, unlike Vempire, BORN vampires, it is rumored that it was they who transformed him. BUT it's dark in that story. HELP YOU OUT OF STEP ALONG THE WAY, HOWEVER, when it comes time Vempire THE END, YOU OTHERWISE try to persuade him.


BLAKE:  IS A STYLE monster hunter Van Helsing. It is also a bounty hunter, his thirst for blood and treasure are unmatched. NOW WORKS FOR THE AGENCY: AISN; research agency IT ON NATURAL. WHICH LEADS a decrepit old man WANTING TO HUNT MAINLY Vempire, TO HAVE ETERNAL LIFE. Arrange BLAKE WOLF AND BRING A hunt down Vempire.